Psycotic Depression

I first had a psycotic episode 5 years ago and was dignosed with psycosis. Since the i have been depressed and still here voices in my head a couple of months ago i was dignosed with psycotic depression. I am on anti depressents which help but i think my antipsycotic medication is too low a dose i only take 10mg anybody else able to tell me the dosage they are on. I have started psycotherapy but not really getting anywhere. I feel it very hard to trust people. My first boyfriend left me after a troublesom relationship and now the man i love and wanted has left me. Im sure i did love him but just seem to drive people away. Dont like being on my own but if i am in the company of more then one person i get extremly parabnoid think people are talking about me and also used to think god was punishing me. My head has been through so much just want to have a normal relationship but with the psycosis finding it very hard. Anyone else with psycotic depression find it difficult trusting and maintainig relationships.
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1 Response Aug 8, 2010

I have a mild case of schizophrenia, and only take .5 milligrams of respiridone 3 times a day. I have been scitzo for 30 years. It just takes time to get over, that and living right, like no drugs or alcohol. I noticed a difference not in days or months, but in years. I am better now than 5 years ago. I also miss talking to my doctor about my personal troubles. I found that a doctor can be a friend and give pretty good advice sometimes, like when I had trouble being shy with girls, he was there to give me confidence. <br />
Good luck . from sisy.