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Yea Bipolar sucks ,people think i make it up ,To make a excuse for y i act how i act .Well people  as in my ex who currenty still w cuz i love him.And my family.they know iam ,but they act like my symptoms are made up.Even though theyve read about it.there like u can control .JUST DON"T DO IT!! They just don't understanding , if the people u love don't understand ,It makes my disorder worst.I don't wanna be like this .I don't like Be overly emotional ,I don't like crying all the time,i don't like having violent outbust when im angry .I don't like not being Happy .I just started to seeing a psychatrist ,So that should help .
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Dude, I get you so much. No one believes I have bipolar (they say, and I quote, 'she's on here period, she need to go to a doctor, it's happening all the time!').

I too really hate it when people say I am making up my illness. I didn't choose to be how I am, and neither did you. The worst was a psychiatrist who said I was making up my experiences, which meant I was not able to get the treatment I needed. I soon got rid of her and moved on to seeing someone else who would treat me.

i'm not bipolar but i go sad and depressed like that too. do you like talking to psychologists? what do you do when you feel the 'highs' of bipolar ? ( or whatever you call them)

I dated a WONDERFUL man once who had Bipolar Disorder. I must admit there was never a dull moment ;) Anyway, his MOM gave me this website, check it out: www.bipolardisorder.org