I've been trying to avoid it but I no longer can. I've been feeling nothing or more like wanting to do nothing. I haven't wanted to get out of bed, shower, or change my clothes. I haven't wanted to clean, exercise, or get out of my room. I haven't wanted to watch t.v., be on the computer, or play games. I hadn't really felt sad, excited or angry at least until now. Things have taken a turn. I feel the sadness creeping up. I want to cry.
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26-30, F
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Get out and get some fresh air and sun. The sun is said to help with depression. Also you may have a chemical imbalance that is causing your depression. A natural remedy to help rebalance your neurotransmitters is drinking green tea. You can drink it cold or hot with some sugar if you like. Because you are so fatigued and tired you can try the green tea with ginsing. Also taking b vitamins will help with energy and you may want to take some iron suppliments, since you have not been eating well you may not have sufficent vitamins in your system. You may also want to incorparate gatoraid to keep your electrolytes in balance. Music helps go to www.soundstrue.com they have great music, but the best is Dr.Jeffery Thompson, listen to alpha wave music, it stimulates awareness, energy, and a sense of peace. You can also look for alpha music on you tube. <br />
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I hope this will be helpful to you, I wish you all the best and continue to believe in yourself :)

T hank you for your recommendations. I appreciate the support

You are not alone in your pain or lack of.