Its Hard to Cope With Life In General None the Less W/ a Mental Illness On Top of It

 my symptoms started when i was around  13 or 14 ....   i was in a group at school .. they saw a problem no matter what my parents saw ... my  first trip to the hospital landed me in  partial hospitalization .. for anxiety d/o  i saw a therapist and  psych for anxiety ...  my second  second trip was instay fora nervous breakdown and severe depression  they diagnosed me as major depressive d/o vs. bipolar type 2  diagnosis unknown ... i went to a place called MHAPs  they diagnosed me with major depressive  d/o  then went to another place that diagnosed me with major depressive d/o with mood disturbances ..  my second hospital trip was  labeled severe depression with suicidal ideation ...  then i left my husband and came to TLC who diagnosed me with bipolar 1 .... ive been in treatment there for over a yr  now and am doing quite well  i have an amazing treatment team .. with med complaince and active treatment so far i have been able to stay out of the hospital for over a yr now ...   i plan on managing my symptoms and eventually returning to work in the next couple yrs .. currently i havent worked in two yrs  ive been waiting on my ssi to come through
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same same we may be nxt door neighbors :)

It sounds like you are from this town I live in where half of the town has a mental illness and the other half denies it.