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i have bipoler 1 and i deal with dep... and pan att i have all my life but the lst 2 yrs its be bad my life just gottin crazy i have felt so alone i feel like im a lil child living in the darkness and im helpless and i cant do nothing about it and i thought god im going crazy or im dieing i didnt know what was wrong with me and i still lie and say nothing wrong and dont face it i have bad headaches every day body pain and i feel alone but for a long time i thought i was alone and i just hope i can meet people on here that can help me and maybe i can help them and if anyone have any pain like i do please let me know it drives me crazy because im trying to understand this illness...... thanks for reading
sweetness62 sweetness62
26-30, F
1 Response Apr 26, 2007

hey i'm bipolar too. u can message me if u want.