I Also Have Mental Illness and So Does My Son

I am 32 yrs old I have depression ,anxiety and panic disorder I soon will be getting checked for bipolar. My boyfriend says I have all the symptoms. I also have a 12 yr old son with bipolar. A.D.H.D also ODD and I know depression goes along with Bipolar. My 15 yr old daughter is also suffering from depression. We are all in therapy for our illnesses myself and my son are on meds for it now we have to wait until mid May to get my daughter on meds. I am on here looking for friends I have a loving boyfriend Steve. Steve,my children and the rest of my family are my world I will do anything to protect them.
MIcheleLyn MIcheleLyn
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I have anxiety, borderline personality disorder and depression.

Well it is good you are getting help. There are other people on here who are going through the same as you. I hope your daughter gets the help she needs. Since the whole family is going through it you can all help each other out. May is not that far now. Well we are her for support. Wish you the best!