I Think I've Got A Pathological Lying Disorder

It started when i was quite young, I always would just make up irrational stories to make myself sound more interesting. They didn't even always make me sound better. For example when I was about eight I made up that my dad had died.

As I got into my early teen years I had made up that I had been a conjoined twin, I was adopted an just other small things. Then at one point I said that I was pregnant to my friends then when it all started to go wrong and they told a teacher I covered it up by saying that I thought that I had cancer and I wanted to still have a chance to get all upset without actually telling them the " truth". I didn't know why I said it it just sounded like a good explanation at the time.

Lately I have made up that I have depression but I sort of think I have or at least made myself believe that I have it. I have had suicidal thoughts before but I think it may have been caused by my lying.

Most of the time I want to stop but I keep automatically doing it.
Lilypad1266 Lilypad1266
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 22, 2012

Me too. I think, at least for me, it is about seeking attention to combat loneliness