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My Story Of Schizophrenia And Bullimia

I grew up as a really happy, outgoing child. Nothing ever really had seemed to bother me. I had a great imagination and always used to make people laugh. As the years went by my family started to fall apart, I had lost two siblings in a matter of 8months which sent my mother and father into overhaul. There was so much going on in my family; suicides, drug users, depression, that I would go off into my own world a lot. My way of coping was my imagination, it took me back to that place when I was happy. Once I started high school I knew I wasn't that same socialable child I once was, so I got bullied at school for a while then I would go home to a house where there was no one to talk too. My mother and father were going through marriage problems and me and my brother used to fight a lot. So then again I would lock myself in my room reading magazines and using my imagination. After reading magazines for a while, I started to admire how beautiful the women were. I would starve myself to look like them and then go to the gym for 4hours straight sometimes after school. As my imagination grew, the more weird people thought I was. I still had friends but I still felt closed off somehow. I quit school at the start of Year 11 and started working. Not long after that I had a breakdown and went to a psychologist, all of my quiet time was bursting out. I was going crazy. I got sent to a Mental Ward for a month and they diagnosed me with Schiophrenia due to stress and depression overhaul. I put so weight on due to the medication I went a few years with Bullimia because I was too tired to excercise although I did stop one day. Sometimes I would go into full blown out rages, smash things, make scenes in public places, alcohol and drug abuse, you name it. After a while I had enough after a bad breakup so I got myself clean, went back to a psychologist, went through recovery. There's been a few ups and downs since then, sometimes its not easy but aslong as I'm in a safe, happy enviroment I'm good. I've made some friends in the past 2years and starting to get my confidence back again. I'm now 22years old, I still have body issues sometimes, I still have a slight anger problem, but if there's one thing I know it's that my medication is lower than it's ever been and there is always hope. Without hope there's nothing. Thanks for reading =)
Skye90 Skye90 22-25, F 12 Responses Nov 30, 2012

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I think you are super cool to share this. I had a psychotic break a few year back. Great for writing, no good in any other aspect of life though.

I feel sorry for you and I wish you get reconver

i can totally see why you had a breakdown,i have had one as well scary!I'm glad u r feeling better

Hugs to you.

Thankyou *air hug to you*

Ah...I'm either bipolar type II, or type I, or adult adhd. J had bulimia nervosa for 33 years and I found out that bipolar II and bulimia nervosa are definetely connected. Same for adult adhd...I didn't know about schizophrnia, though..they do say that schizophrenia and bipolar are cousin you still have bulimia? Mine is gone, after 33 years. No, I can't take credit for it...I decided to take took 3 times, butit finally worked...

I think my bullimia was more induced by my low self-esteem at that point in time. No I don't have bullimia anymore. I still have body issues but my self-esteem is getting better over time. I'm glad to hear that you are no longer aswell, I know it's a terrible thing to have to go through. All the best for the future. Stay strong xo

I love to read stories of people up against so much but end up finding a way of dealing with things and getting better. It takes true strength and courage and that is what you have, Skye. Thanks for sharing your amazing story.


Thanks Candi :)

Well done Skye. It is amazing that you have dealt with all this and you now have a really positive place to look forward from.

I wish you well for the future. Thankyou for sharing.

Take care.

you are doing well keep it up and live life a day at a time lol vinny

Thankyou Vinny xo

Hello Skye, I was moved by your story. I admire you for writing it, I hope it was a positive release, a healing in itself. You have already gone thru so much Love. I just know your adult life will be stable, and that your childhood was only preparation for the beautiful rewards coming your way as you grow.
I don't,know you, but I feel so proud of you .... Bless your heart.

Thankyou, that really means a lot xo

You have a great attitude towards life, after having come through so much trauma. You are on the right path. Cheers for you.

Thankyou =)

Thankyou =)

Yes hope is everything sister, be strong and soon you will be out of medication. Have a happy life.