Do I Have Some Disorder?

I have always been different to the people around me, small talk never interested me and i have always managed to stick out from wherever i was. Everybody calls me an individual and i dont understand why i am like this, before I used to think that people were like me and were acting fake and i just didn't get why they were lying. The thing is i feel different to everyone but i can't exactly explain why, because even I dont understand. Some things i know is that I don't understand why people are so fixated on rules, if they are manmade then why are we so obedient of another man's word. Also, I usually don't care at all about the public opinion of me, mostly because as long as I understand myself it's okay and people will never fully understand another person, so why bother trying to be solved, obviously we need to talk to each other but that's where things you actually care about come in, rather than small talk who frankly nobody is interested in. Moreover, i am very fascinated by the world we live in, its phenomenal and I am grateful to be here, chain rxns are fascinating, i think its amazing how perspectives change on your mood which can be triggered by something as little as mood. but i believe the need for society has ruined things about our beautiful planet. Another thing that might be weird about me is that I believe mentally I can learn or do anything, as long as i try. I would score 100percent in exams if it wasnt for silly mistakes i did, because of my mind wandering, which i cant help, but the 90mark range is normal for me.
I cant usually hide how i feel about a situation, im a genuinely honest sort of person.
I don't know what I am, but I just know I am who I am. If anybody knows if these are the symptoms of anything or im just a normal person let me know. Sorry i really don't want attention but i just want to understand what makes me wired like this.
fmak1989 fmak1989
Dec 10, 2012