Evil Speaks Yet Do Not Listen

So evil speaks to you and tells lies about you to make you feel BAD about yourself and pretends to be the voices of other people so you think that person is talking about you when they are not! Clever, but not so clever because I know and I have read parts of The Bible! People don't be scared of the voices you hear or see abnormal things in your mind when you close your eyes or when you open your eyes, it does not matter. This is all Evil "satan and his demons" ruining peoples lives, making you paralyzed with fear so that you will not find out the truth which is in The Bible. Eternal life living on a paradise earth which is the good news Jesus Christ was declaring. He is doing these things so that you will not find out, because he does not have eternal life he will be put to death like the demons as well. He will torment you with a lot of things, but remember pray to Jehovah God, learn how to prayer like a Christian so your prayers are heard first of all. And repent of your sins, show love to people and you'll see a difference with your life! I use to hear these voices much louder and now they are barely there and these abnormal things I see use to bother me but not, I don't care, not scary at all. You are a human being and they cannot hurt you remember that, they try to but they cannot kill you. So do not let them persuade you to take your life so that you can reincarnate or go to heaven because life is too much! NOT TRUE.. he lies so don't listen to those pesky voices. Understand, because I've been through the same things so trust me. And I've been able to work, study and make friends, and so can YOU... since I apparantly have a "mental illness", sometimes I take my medication but now I feel I don't need it, and I am okay! He is putting you to the test, see whether you can make it or not, SO FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!
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Jan 15, 2013