Mental Or Addicted

Have been going to NA since I was 16 years old. Have known that I have had a problem since then. And if anyone were to ask me I am up front with my problem, and will admit I am an addict from the word GO. Unfortunately in my area, all the dealers like to prey on the weak at the meetings in my area. As in, there is more dope in a meeting smoke break, than from your usual dealer. Sad, but true. I had 16 days....but saddly have fallen prey again. Actually allowed my self to be caught up in the **** again. F$(^%!!!!! Hate this cycle. Living it for 17 years and now, still counting.
I am mental.....and Addicted. Thats Life.
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Mentally...Just straight ****** up Bi-Polar. LMAO!!!<br />
Addicted.....Ummmm, Meth. Bad **** for sure. But vreally hard to kick

If u don't mind me what?

I'm a recently sober addict/alcoholic although I am on marijuana maintainence as they say. I've been sober 4 months. I mostly drank but also occasionally went on crazy cocaine/crack binges. I feel for you and understand how easy it is to fall back in. I had 2 1/2 years sober in 2002-04 but I fell off again. I'm hoping it works this time.