Invisible Driving - a Memoir of Manic Depression

In many ways, my battle with Manic Depression has defined my life.  I am Type I Bipolar and have spent most of the years either mildly or quite Depressed - but the Manic episodes have been flashy.  The first, at 20, involved drug smuggling - great fun until I was caught.  However, I went undiagnosed until my divorce at age 36 when I lifted off onto a spectacular Manic "high" lasting months.  A job layoff some years later sparked the 3rd of 3 major Manic episodes, although there were plenty of minor ones.  I tried to make sense of these otherworldly experiences by writing Invisible Driving, my memoir of Manic Depression.  It's available on Amazon, author - Alistair McHarg.  You can read sample chapters on my website  After many years of therapy and medicine, not to mention writing and speaking, I've made my peace with it.  It no longer defines me, it's just part of me.  I worked like a demon to make my book funny, and wild, and true - so that outsiders could understand.  I can remember the days when it was unbelievably terrifying, and I felt horribly alone.  I know the book is a hoot, but it is also all about helping.  Hope you give it a chance.   
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YAY! Bless you.

hey.. Im rolling all my small change.. i cant wait to read it... <br />
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Don't be shy, go ahead and order the book. If you think the site is funny, just wait!<br />
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Thanks for letting me know. Best wishes.

Lagarto,<br />
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Just wanted to say I am enjoying your site. It is fantastic, enlightening and so darned funny. I am so glad to have met you here. Thanks for sharing <br />
a fellow BPer , GG

My sister is on medicine for similar things, and since her adjustment two weeks ago, all she does is lay on the ******* couch-it makes me sick to see her like that. Why take it if it makes you worse? What is wrong with feeling up and down? It is natural, it is like a healthy leech-or it can be, if you channel it; be a pilot hole.

It seems whe have tromped the same ole hiways and come to many of the same conclusions...<br />
Humor intact... Wonder how big a part the refusal to whine instead of laugh makes unlimately?