What makes me really upset and angry is when people make fun of mental ilness'. Poeple dont just randomly choose to feel like that, for attention or whatever reason some of ye think, they have no control over it happening to them.. I wouldnt wish it on a single person but dont dare ever judge something you've never been through cause i know one sure thing you'd change your opinion fast if ya really knew what it was like.
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I agree, I have a mental illness due to a severe brain injury and stroke when I was just 16 years old!! People judge and I hate that!!

It feels so invalidating when people make fun of depressed people. :(

Simple. I don't tell anyone.

I can relate exactly! It's frustrating and most times overwhelming trying to explain to someone who does not have a mental illness, that whichever disorder(s) we live with is not like
"a light switch" Those of us cannot turn it on or off whenever we'd like!
Unfortunately, most will never understand.

I totally agree with you and understand you, you go girl!