I am writing a journal of my research of fear & what I'm still experiencing of my Depersonalization Disorder


Very few people don't understand why we are experiencing these disorders. "Why do I have this, why can't I be normal." Honestly I find it very amazing how I'm feeling fear, scared, worried, etc. Even don't really understand why we exactly have these disorders, sure they know physically why.

The best thing to do is realize why your having these disorders. You can't just have these outta blue. You did it to yourself in the past to cause it or something traumatically happened like death someone close etc. 'Cause depression, anxiety, panic is normal is some point. So don't think that you aren't normal, in fact there isn't such thing as normal.

"Normal" is a meaning of ordinary to everyone else, therefore there is why everyone has ordinary problems, life, drama etc.

Thank you for reading, please leave good comments I'm only 16 trying my best to figure disorders out, maybe a cure, cause I did got out of my disorder twice but it's temporary lasts for hours then it comes back, this for Robbin Williams & other people that suicide over depression. I also got out of depression permanently which that's easy, I'm trying to cure my disorder permanently tho so leave comments please good comments & question will be answered.
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I would feel less"disabled" if I had a part time job (which I might soon) but I do collect ss disability I would have more confidence with a job

Depression is terrible.. I was depressed as a kid and teenager, and now 30+ still am not feeling any good and well it seems as things got worse. I hope you get better and don't turn out like me. I've even went to live in another country but still I'm back home, facing the big black emptiness, and same fear of people and of life.

Is this where you can't associate with people very well because your afraid of them I have herd of this but can't member exactly what it is,

No that's antisocial disorder or phobia, what I have is when I don't see things the same, blurry vision, always thinking your going to be insane, Lost feelings physically & mentally, thinking that your day was a distant past, feel like your a robot or watching a movie, looking at yourself I'm the mirror & telling yourself "is that really me?"
Yes it is curable, read a bunch of stories people that did, so I'm not worried as much, I honestly think it's making me mature & nicer, I was honestly a complete *** before

I also got out of it twice but it's short not permanent

you have to be more specific. why cant you associate with people. is it because you think you have nothing interesting to say and they wont like you. or because you dont like people. are you afraid of jugements? this could be a social phobia related to borderline disorder or narcissistic disorder