The Blacksheep

I have clinical depression,anxiety, a social anxiety, and as suspected, border line personality,as discovered the other day from my doc. I know I'm different from other 42 year olds..I'm very youthfull in how I act and look,and am paranoid of others...I could go on,but you get the picture..also,it's annoying how I'm treated sometimes because of it,even in my own family, and now I understand why my younger sister was always favored..has been and always will be the "favorite" cause she's "normal".

Enough said.

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1 Response Mar 20, 2009

We all have our burdens and our strange little things we hide from others.<br />
It is the path you are on and must travel to find what you are supposed to learn in this life.<br />
I am sorry you are treated differently but you will come out of this where you are supposed to be.<br />
<br />
Love, Light and Blessings<br />