You know what I dislike very much? When people act like mental illness doesn't exist. You know what I also dislike? The people that force people to think that way, it seems a lot of people, especially teenagers think it's cute or cool to pretend to hear voices, struggle with hurting your self, or like a friend I had said she WANTED to have a eating disorder. It makes it very hard for people that actually suffer from these things. It's not to be mocked I mad fun of. It's not cool. It's not cute. It's effing hell.
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I've been told by my family that I have a mental illness, but no doctor has ever diagnosed me,I even though I've been to see several. As it turned out, I just had a non-supportive crazy-making family. Since I've distanced myself from them, and surrounded myself with supportive people, I've miraculously become quite normal. Do I have a mental disorder? I don't know. But I definitely have an inability to deal with verbally abusive, overly-critical people.

I think what you're talking about here is those people who are openly making fun of other people's struggles. This is certainly inappropriate behavior. These people may not know yet what it is to struggle with something. Sometimes they do, but don't want anyone to know, so they draw attention to other people to keep their own story a secret.

There may be some people, like myself, who are probably not considered to be mentally ill, but suspect they may be, because of negative influences in their life. They may suffer from depression because of those influences as well. Sometimes, "mental illness" is actually a normal reaction to difficult circumstances.

It's also possible that these people are trying to feel unique, or accepted, depending on their circumstance. If everyone else has a mental problem, they might feel as though they should too, because it's "normal" in their social group. Or, if they want to set themselves apart from their peers, they might want to have a disorder so they are not like the others.

I would not dismiss these people as people not having any disorder. I would encourage you to remind them that a mental or physical disorder is only an additional challenge to overcome as they strive to reach their goals. Just as a person with asthma that wants to play soccer has to carry an inhaler while the others don't, so does a person with a mental disorder have to make accommodations for themselves to do the things they want to do.


I suffer with mental illnesses and I prefer it when people don't act like my mental illnesses exists, I get treated like a normal human being. And who says they don't have a mental illness? How are you to pre judge someone you don't know,

When most people talk about their mental health in a "bragging" is because they want attention and it a form of expression. I know it is annoying however it's because they want that feeling of love, as humans we want attention. Someone who brags about cutting themselves may have issues and it's the only way of telling people, when I was I was at my lowest I started cutting myself in class because I was very mentally unstable. Surely I was an attention seeker then? How can you judge a situation you don't know. Everyone is different

There is actually a "mad pride" movement that is focused around celebrating the differences in people's brains and destigmatizing mental illness. I have chosen to think of my mental illness as my "powers" because I believe the way I am is at times beneficial and allows me to have a unique perspective on things. Also, I am trying to have a positive attitude and not let **** bring me down. Then again, I'm an adult. I do remember in my middle school when self harm was a trend and girls were doing it to be cool. In the long run though, they will have self harm scars for the rest of their lives and look back on those actions as embarrassing. Most people will grow out of stuff like that. If someone is 25 and still wants a mental illness, they may actually have one. Attention seeking stuff like that is unfortunately common in teenagers, but most people grow out of it.

tell me about it i hear voices on a daily basis and it torments my life. if i dont get into my quiet place and buikd my relationship with God i lose it. i tell ppl about but ppl dont understand and the most my brothers and sisters can do is pray for me and check on me with i appreciate alot.