I am beginning to not worry as much about it. I guess you could say I choice not to treat it. I have borderline personality disorder. It ******* sucks because well, I just feel mentally exhausted the majority of the time but sometimes when I inhale I can actually smell the air instead of constantly thinking about some stuff in my mental mind.
It's damn exhausting when I think about all the mess I have put on my own self. You know the saying "woe is me" yeah. I don't know. I just taking each day for what it is and hoping I don't fall into a deep depression it is scary though. Like waking up from old hag syndrome.
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hugs... I have it borderline personality disorder also. It will get better with time.

Hi - you know it is not an existential threat - it is in you and part of you. This means you don't have to fear it. You can accept it as apart of you, without fear. And try learn to keep yourself safe - just words I know. But maybe they will empower you....

Perhaps we should focus less on our issues, and more on our goals? Not just you, me as well - and probably quite a few other people...

I agree. but ppl with borderline have a hard time being goal oriented. we can set goals but the slightest upset throws us off. then we question everything. who are we? what do we want in life? see we dont have a stable identity, sense of self. kinda like I explained one time on here. imagine if u had a room and it had all these things in it. this room and things are ur sense of self, ur identity. everything is exactly how u want it. u walk out u maybe because theres a problem relation ship ended, a death, ect.. you come back in everything is still the same. its how it should be for the duration of a humans life. those with borderline. they have that room but as soon as they leave. for the same reasons it gets flipped upside down, the room is trashed. so we have start over. we have to figure out every thing again. who are we? what do we stand for? what do I want in life? ect. its a very hard thing to deal with. not to mention we totally fear abandonment. And we cant regulate our emotions. we see everything in black and white. never any grey. its very hard.

Yes it is difficult. My own issues have proven it to me time after time. But I keep trying, and I've found that looking out the window can be more helpful than rummaging around in that room - for me at least.

thats good. im learning myself.


ty *hugs*

Love you guys

love u too ashless! :)


Love you too - both of you! :)

love u too Veronica! :)

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