I Have Multiple Mental Illnesses

Major depressive disorder
severe anxiety
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I have three words for all of you Dialectical Behavioral Therapy........It rocks!!!!!!!!

Depression of several types<br />
Anxiety of several types including panic attacks<br />
Trauma issues, not quite at PTSD levels but enough that they are an issue<br />
An uncertain bipolar diagnosis, I've never really hit manic levels, I've gotten rather hyper at times but those were all event or caffiene ba<x>sed, but my crashes seem to be a mix of depression & anxiety so that instead of just getting super sad & down I'll actually start getting twitchy & actively trying to self destruct in some high energy fashion.<br />
And a question of how I function in certain high stress & high anxiety situations, I get very simple & lose some measure of my ability to handle complex or multitasking situations, it kinda reminds me of how some of my autistic friends friends act under pressure.

Nearly everybody who is bipolar gets depression so that doesn't need a separate diagnosis. I was diagnosed with depression first, but then I became manic and psychotic (many years later) and was finally diagnosed bipolar schizoaffective. I'd had tinges of mania before but nothing like the manic psychosis I recently went into. I'd also had symptoms of schizophrenia for about 7 years without really knowing it. I just thought it was my depression causing all that. Schizoaffective means schizophrenia and bipolar together, so in a sense I have 3 mental disorders: mania, depression and schizophrenia.

I also Have bipolar <br />
severe anxiety<br />
depression<br />
also I suffer from anorexia.<br />
<br />
Its good of you to be able to admit these problems, I cant really help as I am 16 and unexperienced and confusedwith myself atm, but I think your off to a great start.