Dear not mentally ill people trying to give me advice: If I had so much control over my illness that I "wouldn't let it affect me", I wouldn't be ******* ill. That is what illnesses do.

Thank you
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people are stupid

Succinctly and perfectly stated.

My dad and brother both suffer from schizophrenia and I've taken psychology at college, its made me realise how ignorant people are about mental illnesses, not even trying to understand what ppl deal with -__-

Yeah, people like that annoys me. But worst must be those who totally say they understand and therefore comes with these "tips", because they've been sad or whatever. Like, it's OK to not understand, that's actually.. Healthy. But it doesn't mean what we're experiencing aren't real, you know.

I have depression and everyone says that I shouldn't toke medicines because they destroy your life...

Wouldn't make it without medicine here. It's different for everyone and I'm sure there's some truth to the risk of "ruining your life", what anti depressants do, if you find the right one, is just helping you function in your everyday life and help stabilize your brain.

Yes ... But that are real and dangerous risks and sometimes I wanna try to be happy by myself but it's so hard

I've taken antidepressants, and I didn't notice any negative effects on my life. Obviously, a doctor can tell you more about things, but if you want to consider taking them, don't let people talk you out of it. What if it changes your life in a good way?

It's changing in a good way, but in a bad one too...

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You don't have to explain anything. Just block people. They're never going to get it and they're pretty much a duck if they are on the "I have a mental illness " page if they don't have a mental illness anyway. Like, why even?

Yeah just wish I could block people irl but it's kinda weird to just like lift your hand up and walk away :/

I think that real life blocking is called, "talk to the hand" buy my favorite thing to do is laugh obnoxiously every time they attempt to speak... then again, maybe I'm just petty as **** lol.

I usually just look at em weird but it's different when it comes from family :/

Sorry hun.

They must be geniuses! If only I would've known that all I have to do is not be depressed, not have anxiety, and forget about panic attacks, I would've saved a lot of money and turmoil. Lol. ;)

Haha exactly!
"just exercise and eat better!! Think positive!!"
Wow I'm cured from my illnesses without a cure thank you

(not saying all mental illness is incurable, mine just happens to be lol)