You know what ****** me off?
When people wish mental illnesses on themselves.

As if having

Panic attacks,
Borderline Personality Disorder,
Complex PTSD and
Dissociative Identity Disorder

is some kind of fun life to live.

I am SO MUCH more than my mental disorders. I have spent so much of my life trying to convince myself of that.

Some people have control of their minds. Others have to fight for it. Psychosis runs very high in my family. All seven of my siblings are diagnosed with something.

I've got my fair share. And though it takes next to nothing to start a war in my mind, I'm strong. I keep my thoughts strong.

And I encourage you too.
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i know what you mean. i have schizoaffective disorder and complex ptsd. i struggle daily with my illness and i wish i didnt have mental illness. it keeps me from living a normal life. you know- with a job, a family, a nice home, being able to travel overseas, etc..but i have none of that. so i make do with what i have and deal with it. i have trouble with keeping friendships because people end up shunning me for a reason that im not aware of. so i understand you.

i know all about them, my sister has schizophrenia

Which diagnosis of schizophrenia?

not sure

I totally agree with you, when people self-diagnose themselves with Asperger, PTSD or dissociative disorder it riles me too. As if it's a badge of honor. They have no idea what stress a psychiatric disorder creates, they think it's a cool fashion accessory that'll make them appear edgy... I guess it's our victimisation culture, and narcissists just want to show off.

WHAT A BRILLIANT way to put it. `cool fashion accessory.` sad but true. Being viewed as sick, or less able, is so degrading. I know I go through this, so others must too. It is frustrating. I usually tell them, `its people like you that make me need medication.`