Those of u who have lots of serious mental problems. Do you talk about it with ppl? Do u let them know? Or do u keep completely quiet about it??

I tend to tell ppl but I'm starting to think it's not the best choice.
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no... i keep mine a taboo from peoplr. they dont need to know. it isnt any of their business. ppl tend to look down on mentally ill people and shun them.

I would say: don't be generous on details untill you build trust.

I tell ppl- but they don't need to know intimate details, unless they wanna know

So the guy I've recently started dating has major mental health issues.... I have my share of my own, but his seem more severe, been hospitalized and all of that... I'm not sure how I feel about the information he's given me. It makes me afraid to hurt him, but I think he's afraid to hurt me as well.
It helps to know that he's on the path to recovery.... I'm not sure what to do with my knowledge, all I can do is show him that I understand and express my compassion

it's usually fairly obvious to anyone around

well my problem can't be hidden!!

what mental illness do you have? you can tell me

ok i'll try to find it!! and if you go in my story you can find my illness i think

well i read some think and your bipolar and other things but i don't understand them really :p but well i'm just autistic!! and i have emotional control problems!! i cna't control anger or sadness

well i'm sorry if you have problems with it but i like you more because you have mental illnesses !! i like you more then a normal person

if a lot of people would stand in front of me and there all nice and kind people and there all normal and you're the only not normal on or someone with a mental illness i would pick you to be my friend :p i think all the people who have a mental illness are my family

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Its completely up to you. I dont tell people or talk about it in my real life but I find it so easy to do it on here. I feel comfortable talking to people about it In private chat more but only if I feel comfortable with that person or if someone needs advise. Have u had a bad experience telling someone on here or something?

yeh I know what you mean, maybe just try n talk to people that u know well on here about it. feel free to talk to me about anything if u ever want to.

I saw you're dealing with BPD. I think it's important people close to you know so when it flares up they will know not to take it personally

Only my closest friends. Really it does not define who I am. But if a couple close friends know then when I'm "off" I can count on them to honestly tell me with proper concern and compass

You could say you have or are recovering from an illness. No one needs to know exactly which one.

I talk, to those who have mental illness. I tell them abt mine and ask them abt theirs. It sometimes helps me, sometimes them. It make feel both that we are not alone. Just today, I talked to someone with OCD, I asked what she goes through and what I, and the thing I must say here, She taught me how to go with it and don't end my life (because I was thinking to suicide for what I have got), she told me how she helps herself with that, and I am very happy now :) (I think I stretched it too long)

You can tell people. Just be selective. Only let those you feel closest to, know :)