Feeling really empty and super bored!! I hate that feeling, or I guess lack of feelings. lol
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You're Beautifully Sick :)

You're wellcum.

Lets talk

I can relate.

you should get an "adult pleasant activities list" it is part of dialectical behavior therapy.. try and google it.

It may be a detachment of sorts.

Lack of feeling is a detachment. But then reading your story about the young guy you are seeing leads me to believe you are capable of feeling. Maybe you fear your feelings in general?

I understand people and Im glad you talk to a professional. Believe me, other than psych 101 30 years ago in college, I have no background in psychology professionally.

Young girls 18+ are even easier to manipulate...

Im glad you have made progress. You seem to be doing well here online expressing yourself. Maybe the anonymity helps. Have you told your therapist about EP?

Maybe you are teaching me about myself I can be just like that without the cutting though. I have made women fall in love with me. Im good at it too. Ive hurt a few to get what I want. Its like a power...

I understand those needs.

I have tendencies. I can manipulate many women. All they want is attention and to hear those 3 words. Ive been told many many times I am sweet...

This is some really deep insight! The **** is the next one is just around the corner...

The next woman

You understand! Wow!

Perhaps :)

Whats your blonde moment?

Im around here lots

I reached out when we first became friends. I leave the proverbial ball in your court.

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