Okay let's get this done I have
A personality disorder
Had anorexia
Had bulimia
I think that's it. But I could be missing one.
No wonder I'm single
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you are still young too

Which personality disorder do u have? I have anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, narcolepsy, compulsive skin picking disorder, self harmer, binge eating disorder (used to dabble in purging on occasion as well), probably ADHD too (I could answer yes to all 10 questions on the diagnostic quiz but I just like to think that I can't pay attention cuz I'm too busy thinking bout my other problems) 😎

Borderline personality disorder
Self harmer

A lot in common !

Yeah I like other crazy people

Addiction issues ? PTSD?

You forgot EP, you have friends that care about you on here.
Stay strong, we all do care about you

Thank you :)

there is more to u than ur illness's it is not ur identity. when ppl have cancer they dont say i am cancer they say they have ut

Well yes. I never bring up my issues with people especially when I first meet them

I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be rude with my comments. My point is that of those disorders, ADD is the only one I have, and not only am I single now, I have always always always been single, never had a girlfriend before. And I'm 28. So if you were not single at one time, then you're still light years ahead of me.

Have you ever before not been single?


Yeah, like I said on my other comment, you're light years ahead of me. Is there a way for me to message you privately?

We have few things in common then

Hey do you mind adding me??