sometimes the shittiest things can roam through my head. horrible things, I can control it at times but other times they all pop into my head all at once and then I get those overwhelmed/anxiety feeling. as much as I wanna "complain" and just shout out all my bad feelings and thoughts I don't. sometimes it seems like it's too much for one to handle. so I just don't say much anymore. I'll write it in a journal. so my journal is like my best friend haha. I think positive a lot but I'm prone to thinking negative. it's like in my brain, I've been that way nearly all my life thanks to my mom and dad. both some strongly negative people. I don't have a huge bond with either of them honestly and i guess that messed me up too. everyday I think "I wish I looked better, I wish my skin would clear up, i wish i could get out of this house already that's slowly killing me." at times I wanna sit and cry but i can't even do that anymore. sometimes I could go on and on about how bad I feel it what negative things go on in my head everyday it time to time. but some rather you ignore it. but what does ignoring do? honestly it does nothing good. i mean sometimes it can if its something very minor but at times you really should not hold it in. but for me it's the same issues over and over again in my own head and it's like talking to a void. it never goes away. even when I don't think about it or try to push it out of my was I can feel it. it's amazing how when you have depression those bad inner thoughts can take on a physical discomfort that feels so icky. my goal for this year is just to cope and handle my depression better than I have been. once you have depression you just have it. it's like a cancer. anyone can feel depressed and get over it but some need to realize HAVING depression is having a mental disorder/chemical imbalance. it's not something one can just shut up about and ignore. ignoring signs of serious manic depression can lead to many suicidal deaths and full mental asylums.
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firstly I am male forget that, secondly I know how hard it is from so many levels. if you want any advice or help msg me here to help. I been through and seen lots. respect to you and well done x