I Suffer From Severe Depression And Ptsd

I was first hospitalized for suicidal behavior at age 13. I was then diagnosed with severe depression and PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder. It's completely ruined my life! I am afraid to be close to anyone, and I can't stop being scared no matter how hard I try.

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I feel the same way. Not one person I ever trusted has done the right thing, they always lie, cheat, or are envious of whatever good fortune I stumble on.

Yeah i have a touch of that after being i'n Iraq twice it usually only comes out if i drink alot but it's there and sometimes i get violent but not towards anyone i'n particular just get i'n a fighting mood. Good luck with it smoking weed usually helps alot.

Robert you got a problem you little brother raping piece of ****?


Yeah it sucks and even when I do trust someone I don't really O.o wtf


Yes, yes you can...it's just very hard...start with what ever degree that you can not be scared and build on it. You can do this! But at the same time DO NOT be afraid to ask for help or to be vulnerable if that is what it takes.<br />
Just keep getting back up!!!

I know my therapist doesn't take mine serious either. People just don't get it. They suck...

im just scared that they will hospital me for a ong time<br />
i dont even know if they will even hospital me

Which time? I've been hospitalized a lot of times! Usually a week or two, or sometimes a couple of months

i have PTSD too, and i think that they are going to put me in a hospital if they knew that i self harm and suicidal sometimes.<br />
can you please tell me for how long were you in the hospital ?