If you have a mental illness.. Anything that makes you happy is clouded. It's black and white, there is no grey area. To find something, or someone that makes me truly happy is a rare occurrence. So when I find something, I don't plan on letting it get away that easily.
I like my landlord.. Let's call him 'J'. And there's nothing more to it; It's an uncontrollable desire.
My world has been vibrantly colourful since he entered my life at this kind of level, and that's all that matters to me.
I read everyone's comments, and I took your advice on board. Although most of you have been through it yourself so, obviously, I'm not the first one to fall in love with someone I shouldn't. It was inevitable.. we clicked right from the start. If things turn sour then it's all on me, but I deserve happiness as much as everyone else so the least I can do is take a chance.
I'll keep you guys updated.
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Don't use your mental illness as an excuse.

How have I used mental illness as an excuse? Please enlighten me. All I did was specify how tough it is trying to be happy when there is depression, anxiety etc bringing you down constantly. I NEVER said it was an excuse for anything, because it's not. Bye.

You said that because you have a mental illness nothing makes you truly happy except this guy, so you're using that to excuse the fact that he's married and you're starting an affair with a man who is committed to someone else. You're using it to defend the fact that you're doing something wrong. I have a mental illness and getting drunk makes me happy, doesn't mean I can use it as an excuse for underage drinking.

Not once did I say BECAUSE. I said it's hard being happy when coping with mental illness, and I find it hard especially with relationships. Regardless of him being married, and my mental illness, it doesn't change the chemistry we have. I don't need to defend myself to anybody, so take your negativity elsewhere because quite frankly, I'm here to post my life experiences not to argue about my life choices. Don't like what I'm doing? Then don't do it yourself.

Lol I won't. And you're still making excuses lol

You're deluded.

Right. Says the girl going after a married man. Good luck with that, hope you feel good about yourself for what you're doing to his wife. You two deserve each other.

You don't know the ins and outs of what is happening, you're just going by what ive wrote on here and that's very little. It was a mutual attraction straightaway, a year goes by, and he 'comes after me' if that's how you want to put it. It's the real world, not some fairy tail. Things aren't always how they should be but that's life.

Another excuse

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