This is my first time writing on here. I didn'r know where else to go.
I have anxiety and depression . It's 9:40am and I havent slept yet. I've been having suicidal thoughts all night. I went and cut myself instead to relieve all this pain I've been feeling.
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I am so very sorry you’ve been feeling so much pain. I don’t know which are going through, but I’m sorry about whatever it is. Do you think you would feel comfortable talking with somebody? If you feel comfortable, you can call 1-855-771-4357; it's Focus on the Family. They have licensed counselors who can talk through things with you. I think it could really help you. Best wishes.

Reaching out is the best thing you can do

Want to talk?

yeahh sure

I'm kinda new at this. is there like a private message we can chat on?

im new at this app. is there a private chat where we can talk at?