Or that is what I feel I have!
Im a good guy but when it comes to relationship what matters for me is that the girl Im with be very much dominant I love to be bossed around and humiliated so much!
I tried to be with an averange girl you know the classic kind of gfs with all the drama and stuff but I couldn't It feel like a dish of food with no salt!
And the problem is that im really obsessed with that my ex got bored of my submission and the one before her asked me to change but I can't change because I really enjoy that so much!
I guess im not lucky because women who really likes that are rare in my region they think that makes you sissy lol but they are so wrong about it!
I feel that need of submission to a woman growing everyday and I couldn't find the one who would enjoy me for it
Redano Redano
26-30, M
Mar 28, 2016