and i feel worse now than when i started this journey. I don't know if this new med will makes me sick, which I already said yesterday and i know it's supposed to better in a few days. But what i'm talking about is the mental part. I just feel like giving up. i'm so tired and so sick all the time and my body and mind are exhausted. i can't stop these despondent crying spells, this feeling of nothingness, worthlessness, guilt, shame, heartache, spirit crushing darkness.
Tears are really going now so goodbye and thanks for reading and being supportive. I tried, i'm tired.
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1 Response Apr 2, 2016

I hear you! Im on new meds just upped my dosage. Ive been in bed for a week as all my social interactions are bunk. Wonder if new dose will improve things. Who knows

i hope u feel better

Ah thankyou... And you x