Tomorrow will be my second therapy appointment. Let's hope it goes better than last time. Yeah, I'm really not feeling it.
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Good luck!

It gets easier each time. Best of luck

A few years ago now I had sessions with psychiatrists and with CBT counsellours as i thought that my bisexuality meant that I was wrong or bad. more lately I have had other therapy sessions to deal with my depression. The sessions were hard work because some of the work involved me really looking inside myself. When I did this at first I did not like what I saw but with help from the therapists and my wonderfully understanding and forgiving wife, I came to accept that my depressive state is a part of me. I have also learnt to accept my bisexuality and love it as a part of myself and I have had a very intimate and fulfilling relationship with my wife - we are both bisexual , and both do not let that impact on our lives together - we are both very discreet and do not flaunt out lovers in front of each other. The point I am making, in a roundabout way, is that any therapy is challenging, but anyone who REALLY cares about you will accept the parts that you find to complete the jigsaw that is you and love the fuller person you will become. All my best wishes for your future, you are a beautiful person and with time and therapy I hope you will soon realise this for yourself.

im glad u got through it, thanks for the kind comment.