Today I went to my second therapy session. It went almost exactly the same as last week. He says I have to learn to breathe correctly and practice, practice, practice. I guess I've been breathing wrong my whole life, he says probably so.
Now I have a 400 some odd page workbook to work through until next time I see him. It's about anxiety and phobias. just hope I can concentrate enough to get anything out of it.
He promised me I would be better soon. He promised.
I sure hope so. I'm so sick of being sick and crying all the time and being so afraid of everything.
Thats all for now, just an update.
DaydreamingSleepwalker DaydreamingSleepwalker
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Hello, DaydreamingSleepwalker! It’s good to know that you’re working with your therapist to overcome your struggles. I’ll be praying that God will comfort you and heal you. I hope your therapy goes well and you'll begin to feel better soon. Also, my friend recently found these links helpful: and Hang in there…hugs :).

Thank you very much for the prayer and encouragement. I will check out the links.

Do ur homework young lady!!

well yes sir i will!
wait, does the dog ate it excuse still work?

No that never worked lol