I Don't Know What Is It That I Have Yet

I've been struggling with depression on and off for about 4 or years now, and recently, about 8 months now, I've been experiencing things that "are not caused by normal depression" according to my psychotherapist. When I told her about them, she talked to my parents and suggested that I try seeing different doctors and start taking some kind of medication. I went to see a doctor last week who referred me to a group called PEPP. I don't know what that stands for but I went for a screening two days ago, and went to a music group they were running last night, where I met other people living with the same kinds of problems. Lots of them have schizophrenia and psychosis. But they were all very friendly and I will soon figure out what it is that I have.

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Hi. I have been through loads of diagnoses over the last 4 years. It sucks, but hopefully you will get there eventually. I don't even know if they have got it right yet??<br />
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But equally, as long as whatever medication you are on is treating your symptoms, then that is what is important. My current psychiatrist is not jumping straight to a diagnosis when I revealed 'new' symptoms to him (I've had them for 5 years, but have only been able to be honest about them very recently, and I also didn't see them as significant or even something wrong with me - I just went in the hope that something could be done), but he has put me on some medication which seems to be working. So that can only be a good thing.<br />
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Good luck anyway, and I hope you go well at your PEPP group. I usually find it helpful to talk to people who have been through something similar. They normally have good coping tips.

I'm also in a similar situation, a lot of blurry lines in my diagnoses, there's trauma that goes beyond a bad experience but doesn't hit PTSD, depression & anxiety that interact in some interesting ways, and they had me as bipolar for like 2 months, the discharge papers from my last hospital stay suggested a personality disorder, and there's been some subtle deep stuff that looks like minor parts of something that I see as resembling some of the things I've observed -mainly obsessive compulsive traits (I carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer & use it constantly) & some non-standard ways of thinking that work much better for me than "normal" patterns- in my high functioning autistic friends -which doesn't make too much sense given how naturally social I am, but it's the closest I can come for a guess-. It all combines to make life a large mess for me, I usually go one step at a time & keep up with therapy.

lol thank you I am in PEPP already now

Just some guess. Prevention and Early Intervention Program for Psychoses (PEPP). http://www.pepp.ca/index.html

I also have no idea what is wrong with me.. It seems like a combination of things.