I'm Not Sure What It Is Though...

I am part monkey...

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2010

That;s okay. I always tell people I am part cat because if you give me a ball of yarn I can keep myself entertained for hours.lol

alright well you sound very interesting this rage have you ever hurt anyone ( are you a threat ) ? thats actually besides the point i come from a long line of doctors my advice would tend to be not to go (how can you trust someone that would prefer lying to you then admitting I dont know?) psychiatrists are terrible im not attacking the human im attacking the profesion. so tell me why does it scare you? iv had a slight similarity to you but the person i share with loves me enourmously but still thinks im crazy > sensitivity can be a very good thing like caring deeply for someone but when feelings become obsesion or when you alter things in your head to a dangerous extent thats when it becomes dangerous. i would suggest research anywhere anything dont take what your told for nothing check it out yourself iv got plenty of info if youve got an eye for it that goes for anyone that reads this.

since you have a lot of problems :) don't get offended though sorry..<br />
<br />
i am a nurse but i'm not a doctor..<br />
<br />
try consulting on your doctor first or psychiatrist..<br />
<br />
about the issue slow learner? well b complex vitamins had a huge advantage on that, because medical personnel say that b Complex vitamins is FOOD FOR THE BRAIN..<br />
<br />
Hope to help you little on this