I Do Not Know

hello there,

          i suffer from somekind of mental illness that i do not its name. i never been to a psycatrist . i want some one with the same condtion to contact me. it might help me. here is my abnormalties....

              i am socially awkward (extremely) to such extent that i can not control myself . also i am not very confident. very deppresed and some times think of commiting suicide.

urzad urzad
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 3, 2010

iv got that awkward thing too but i seem to control mine okay as for going to a psychatrist they only care about money if you go to one chose anyone you like they will diagnose you ina hour and send you on your way with a little orange persciption bottle. as for your deppresion that is most likely linked to your past if you go to a psychiatrist they will tell you that there is a chemical imbalence in your brain that makes you feel that way and only these happy pills will cure you NO!!! ( deppression is a feeling, feelings are emotions I cant seem to say this enough YOU CAN NOT CURE AN EMOTION you must tend to it and heal it ) as far as suicide please its not the answer and in fact if you do take any medication that can actually make your thoughts worse. and confidence yeah iv been there too people suck but not all of them and its the ones that dont that make sticking around worth it. iv got plenty more info if youve got an eye for it n that goes for anyone that should happen to read this.