Deliverence - Part Two

As the weeks went on, I became used to the strange creature that had been following me. I was still wary of it, though it had never shown any intention of hurting me. One day, it introduced itself. Its name was Malakai. Malakai would often follow me around wherever I went, though it seemed nobody else could see him or was aware of his presence. He would talk to me, though I never answered. He told me that he was going to kill my family and friends so that eventually, I would want to kill myself.

One day, I decided to challenge his words. I told him shakily that he had no business with me and that he should leave me alone. He laughed and suddenly, he began to change. His slumped back cracked straight, his stumpy, burnt hands elongated and turned into fingers and his black, beady eyes began to bulge and turn white. When I blinked, he was almost a completely different entity. No longer was he the strange creature that followed me, but a more defined human figure. A human.

He stood at least seven feet tall, with long black hair falling like curtains around his face. He wore all black with a long trench coat. His feet were bare. Although I was terrified at the time, I still couldn't hep but think he was quite handsome. He smiled at me. It wasn't a kind or gentle smile. It was more like a satisfied smirk. He bowed low to the ground, sweeping his arm dramatically behind him and almost knocking into the mirror in my small bedroom. I didn't doubt that he could break it if he wanted to.

"It's not I who have business with you" he said "But my master. I am simply the messenger"

I frowned. As scared as I was, I still wanted to know exactly why this thing - this man - was following me. So I asked him who his messenger was. He smiled.

"You know perfectly well" he said.

And the truth was, I had a horrible feeling that I DID know. It had been something I'd tried to avoid since the very first time I had taken part in black magic and asked for deliverence. I knew who was after me and why.


Meeoko Meeoko
18-21, F
Mar 20, 2010