College + Stress = Late Nights

It all started last year school year, my first semester of college. At first, it was parties that made me stay up so late. Then, it was hanging with friends. Then after a while, it became normalish for me. I'd always stay up all night, go to breakfast in the caf, go to my 8 o'clock class, then go back to my dorm at like 9-ish and sleep until like 3 PM. I'd stay up so late, just doing nothing but watching TV and talking on the phone to other night-owl friends of mine. LOL we all sort of ruined each other. We'd always be on the phone like "OMG it's 6AM!"

Now, we also were all living through some extreme drama, that was... hard for us all to handle. So, a lot of nights we couldn't sleep. Plus, I had an evil room mate that made it so hard for me to feel comfortable in the dorm, and went to bed too early for me. She'd make me turn out the lights and be completely quiet and do nothing as soon as she decided to go to sleep. Often times that was early for me- 10-ish. So I'd leave, take my phone, and go to the basement to watch TV, eat snacks, and have conversations with my friends via telephone.

Now, I'm not in a dorm, I'm in a very comfortable living situation... but I can't break the habitual late nights! I am not a rock star! I hate rolling out of bed in the PM, only to have half a day, then end up spending all night doing the same boring things: internet, phone, TV...

I miss the morning. I miss waking up, eating breakfast, getting all dressed up and going out to have a full day. I hate night classes and I don't want to work third shift. I've been trying to adjust, but I'm never sleepy between 10PM and 3AM. Then between 3 and 6, I'm usually tired, but I'm too stressed about the next day to sleep. Then around 7 I usually finally sleep. But I'm trying to get back on a regular schedule. It used to not matter how late I stayed up, I'd get four hours of sleep and wake up at 9AM and have a regular day. But now, I stay up late and sleep til the afternoon.

Any suggestions on how to readjust? It would really help my quality of life.

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1 Response Jan 22, 2008

hmmm... try staying up 24 h. i mean dont go to sleep at all after classes, just hang in there until 11 pm the next day. u will certanly be so tired that u will sleep.<br />
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or... you could go to sleep after a sleepless night and after college but only for maximum 3 h, to get some rest but not a good rest. hopefully u ll be tired at bedtime.<br />
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if this doesnt work or if this doesnt reset ur schedule, try going to bed at i donno 9 or 10 pm, drink a large cup of milk and honey ( it helps sleep ), turn off ur mobile, dont let any temtations around and start counting sheeps, u should normally fall asleep at around 3 or 4 in the morning even if u re not sleepy, u ll get bored. it s hard but hell.. u want ur life back.<br />
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u have to be very very strong and be very sure that u want to set ur sleep time right.<br />
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if allll these dont work :) yeah i have another solution :D try taking some NATURAL sleep pills. they are alright if u dont abuse. this should be the last solution.