Akward Sleep Habits

I was remembering when I woke up too soon and fell out of bed because I was still paralyzed from sleep. My boyfriend at the time had to scoop me off the floor and put me back to bed because I couldn't move. I know from psych class that your body does this so you won't hurt yourself during sleep but its weird when your not.
Anyone else experience this too? pretty freaky huh.

Also there was a time I woke up laughing out loud so loudly and couldn't stop that it actually frightened me at the time. Anyone else experience this too?

I know I walk, talk, have sex in my sleep anyone else?
I once called a boyfriend a lesbian talk show host once lol and walked over to my neighbors house in my skimpy p.j.'s to ask for x-tra cat food and don't remember it. lol
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

I've done the paralyzed bit before. I hate that. Very frightening if you don't understand it.
Sounds like you may need some counseling to find out what causes your sleep walking. That's dangerous