I Cant Focus On the Screen

I have been awake for a couple of days again. I cant sleep when I want to sleep. I cant focus I caant function properly like this and every time I go to bed I can't sleep anyway.

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*Agyyyhh* no, sorry, I'm on a 48 hour day now. sleep one night s5ay up the next! sometimes I do a 36 hr, I just have no real schedule. I am not so bad *** when I wrote that though, thank goodness..

It happens to me a lot! I have a really boring book for these times, I start reading and then I pretend I am sleep, so I won't have to read it anymore!! LOL<br />
<br />
Wish you are over that now!

Where has my last comment gone??

Oh well, so much for that. I guess there really is no rest for the wicked LOL :)

I think I'm gonna go clean the kitchen then try smoking some more bubble hash if I'm still wide awake. Hope you sleep well, sweet dreams :)

*ahh. It's strong stuff tho, knocks me out. Hmm how will I manage without.. ah well, will have to just manage.<br />
Gettin sleepy now actually, might give it a try,... typo's gettin mor frequent. <br />
I'll see you back here later :)

Yeah, but sometimes I get immune to the effects, especially if I over consume during the day.

But i thought you had beaucoup CBN though??

Yes, I have sleepless nights also and sometimes they seem endless . It gets worse as I get older, at first I enjoyed the quiet of the house at night but that novelty has long worn off. I am exhausted, but my mind is racing at the speed of light and I can't turn it off.<br />
Tomorrow's gonna suck, I hate that gritty, almost surreal feeling you get after a night with no sleep.

Thanks, yeah not a great tea-lover I'm afraid.

No no no, I haven't TRIED anything. I wasn't looking for advice actually I was just ventng my frustration. :) I can't sleep coz I am ill. Generally I rely on exhaustion anyway, but I'd only use natural (and preferably free) remedies, like a lavender-sock in my pillow to try to calm my mind.

hmmm... it needs more melatonine... the higher the level , the more sleepy you SHOULD be... it's hormone that makes us sleepy when you are in dark room. THe level varies according the light. The less light, the more melatonine... <br />
or, try to solve your prob. then you will sleeep. :P

If you have a Health Food store nearby, some Ornithine will definitely help (even the first night).<br />
<br />
Its a natural amino acid that your body isn't making enough of at the moment.....you can take 2 tabs each night.<br />
<br />
hugs xx