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my circadean "rythm" has 2 left feet, people.  and i'm on vacation at the moment, which usually means my sleep schedule gets even more out of whack.  sometimes i even get so involved with what i'm doing that i loose all track of time and before i know it it's the next day.  like right now.  i must say, i'm feeling a bit drow....


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3 Responses May 17, 2009

so THAT's what you do! sounds really fun and interesting! in a weird way i also think that sort of schedule would work for me, too. and having a chunk of free time sounds kinda nice as well!<br />
instincts of a 3 year old, huh? pretty awesome how you found a way to make that work!<br />

My job involves concentrated times of work in between concentrated times of no work. I work freelance for production companies (commercials and music videos). When I'm in the office it tends to be 10 - 12 hour days and then shooting. ... yeesh. We put our crews on 10-hour deals, so that's usually the minimum, but the longest shoot I ever worked on was 21 hours. I did 2 of those.<br />
<br />
Since we get up so early for shooting, I have trained myself to simply get up and not struggle with the snooze, which for some reason seems to make me more tired throughout the day. The problem with this is even when I'm not working, or when my boyfriend is shooting (he does same line of work) I wake up and stay up.<br />
<br />
But I'm not big on following a schedule anyway. Just lucky enough to be able to follow my body's clock generally, which has instincts of a 3 year old. <br />
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I love not knowing what time it is, but feeling everyone else asleep. the moment I work overnights...a first for me.<br />
<br />
when i get seriously involved in something i can lose all track of the rest of the world...