I Like To Sleep During The Day When It's Clear Skys And Sunny

I don't like Clear Skys and Sunny (Sun Shining).  And while it is being that now. I want to Sleep in the Afternoon, but the Afternoon isn't allowing me to.

I tried to Sleep from 1:30 PM - to - 08:00 PM yesterday.  I was laying down from 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM, when Acid Reflux came up into my mouth and irritated my throat. Then I took me a desolved Effervescent in 8 oz of Water and 150 MG Tablet of RANITIDINE. My Throat was quite a bit irritated even after that, that I took me a Original Ricola Cough Throat Drop.  And it took me an Hour to get the irritation relieved.  That would be to 3:30 PM.  After that I was still conscience trying to get to sleep but it was a struggle.  Until 4:45 PM an Hour before Sunset, that I finally went to Sleep until 2:00 AM.  Didn't get up at 8:00 PM.  I slept 6 Hours more than liked.

Right now it's 12:15 PM and have taken some Seditive 2 Hours ago, but I am not sleepy yet.  I want to do the same today. But trying to sleep in the Afternoons acts like a conspirasy in not letting me get to Sleep.  I Hate that. That again is because I don't like Clear Skys and having the Sun Shining.

I tried on Tuesday and said somewhere else here that my/the Apartment's Fire Alarm went off to keep me from Sleeping in the Afternoon.

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1 Response Feb 18, 2010

sounds like you have a body chemical imbalance and should tell your doctor. A blood test will tell a lot about what is deficient. You think it is natural, because you do not hurt, but it is going to ruin your life with job and family. I had similar problems years ago until I started taking multi vitamins. That actually help, but something was still missing so I saw a doctor and got that strengthen out.