It's Ridiculous.

My sleep schedule is so damn ****** up.  I go to bed at like 6-7am and wake up at like 4-5, even 6pm.  It's really, really bad.  I need like a job or something to get it all back to normal.
Jaggie Jaggie
3 Responses Nov 20, 2007

I used to that and still if allowed fall into that pattern. I love the night, everything is finished for the day, and temporarily at least all is well. I love the peace and quiet and being able to do what I want without interruptions.

I been like that since childhood. Dont like light much. But the day is hot and you dont get to do things. I gotta wake up earlier too. Just wake up as early as you can and sleep early. works for me.

Yeah, me too! It sucks. It's that after high school/ first year college thing. Now that you can stay up late, you do. And then you get overly used to it. Maybe you should try (and this sort of worked for me for like a week) staying up all day after you stayed up all night. Then by 8/9PM you'll be beat and will go to sleep normally. But if you're like me, old habits die hard. SO look out for the bad habits you have at night that make you stay up late.