So I'm a Bit Messy...

I've always had a messy room. It's funny because my sister is a neat freak and always has keeps her room spotless... then there's mine that just has junk all over the place.

It could be worse, but it is pretty bad. I have clothes thrown about everywhere, clutter all along my desk, bedside table and chest of drawers, I have shoes covering a large area of the floor, some random bits of rubbish strewn about, and it usually takes me awhile before I can bother to vacuum so sometimes it gets a little dusty.

It's not all bad though. For me, it's an organized mess. I know exactly where to find everything I want. So I get annoyed when my mum and sister bug me about it being such a sty. After awhile it really doesn't look that bad to me, and if I know where everything is, what's the problem?

That said, I do crack and clean it a bit sometimes, but only when a certain area is really bugging me. Most of the time I'm fine with my clothes on the floor and my shoes not put away.

FateCantDecide FateCantDecide
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1 Response Feb 24, 2009

well i can say that sounds like my room at the moment i have 4 kids and they go in there all the time and make mess i have clothes all over the place and toys as well i clean it all the time and they just make it messy again and it doesnt matter how many times i tell them not to go in there they still do i give up sometimes but also it is a mess at the moment because i am trying to get everything into place as i am selling my home so sometimes you have to make mess to get it clean well thats my story anyway