Now That's a Bunch of Fun.

Head for the beach or the woods. You may find a stupid nail or bottle cap.  More then likely, coins and jewelry..eventually.

I used my detector at the beach. I always found money..coins. I found an earring but it was ugly.  It's a scavenger hunt...simple but full of hope. That  beeping sound means something is right here and no one knows, but me.   Dig it up! I wish I could report I've found treasure, It's still in the future! 


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6 Responses Mar 19, 2009

you will allways get people asking what you are doing and what does the machine do ,so show them.then switch off ,and tell them.about how much fun the hobby is ,things i have found,it is not about finding coins and rings .the fun of doing it and the history you learn.and helping others you find it more fun to explain what you are doing

Yes it is ..the fun and thrill of the mystery..what's under the ground? I was on the beach in Ft.Lauderdale.A guy lost his keys in the sand. I found them for him. He was lucky..they were at least 4 inches in the sand.

i have being doing metal detecting for the last 25 years.the best find was a ring worth about £4,500.and a lot of coins,and othere rings.but it is more about fun and history.and reading up on the site.and helping people find there lost rings

Thanks maggieO..isn't it just the most fun? The web site you mentioned looks interesting.OMG to find a valuable item ..I'd be whooping it up. I read a few comments and experiences of awesome finds. If bottle caps and pop top tabs were worth a buck, I'd never have to work again LOL..Enjoy and thanks again for sharing. X Owlie.

I belong to an online community called World Metal Detector Community. It's non profit making and has members from all over the world including some very well known names in the world of metal detecting and archaelogy. It is the best site I have found for information and making friends. It's not just a forum it's a community, and a magazine, it's fun, interesting and you can spend hours on there just looking around at peoples finds and reading their stories. Everyone is so friendly and it's so interesting to see the finds they have in Australia, USA, The netherlands, etc. A really worthwhile and brilliant website<br />
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Hi lilycue! Yes, a bit expensive. Starts at about 200.00. Mine is a fisher brand. If you ever see one on line, get it. maybe ebay.It's soo much fun! Imagine if a person lived in a historical area? Finding civil war bullets and such! I love that. Farm land and the beach is fun too. If you have a place to walk and use it, get involved with a perfect hobby. Parks don't allow dig and that messes up the grass. They post signs too! OH MY! Bummer.