One Of The Smallest

I have a Micro Penis. Not just small by comparison but by the medical term I am only 3 1/4 inches fully erect and very thin. That is less than three and a half inches. I started realizing that I was smaller than other guys in middle school when we had to shower after gym class. I got called peanut and triple aaa like the battery. It was very embarassing for me but I have came to live with it. I get very nervous around girls and I am still a virgin. I know they say size doesn't matter, I wish that was true but my ex girlfriend is with another guy now and I know it is partly due to my size and a bad experience I had when we tried to be together.
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1 Response May 13, 2012

I had a great girlfriend way back when I was a student,she was absolutely stunning and had many admirers.<br />
One evening when we were chatting about partners and **** size,she told me that her most amazing sex experience was with a guy who had a 5 inch ****!<br />
Simply because he took time to get her aroused,understanding her desires and special zones.She said she'd never forget her magic lover!<br />
So you see,get to know how a woman's erogenous system works and you'll hold the key to the secret that evades most men!<br />
I've slept with several lesbians and they don't include penetration in their sexual vocabulary like most women,but if you play her body like a musical instrument and you'll hear the most wonderful melodies as she ******* through the night!<br />
One girl I used to romp with had over 22 ******* in one boasting!<br />
I have a nice **** and can't complain,but with what I learnt from my lesbian experiences,my **** comes into play way after my partners loud and energetic *******.<br />
So what about your tongue,your fingers,your skin,your mind? Thinking just your **** is like thinking of the gearstick of a car.......what about the engine,the handling and roadholding?<br />
Come on! Don't let them push you into a place where you don't belong.Nature has given you a ****,you can **** with it,play with it,make friends with it and above all,accept it......then you can integrate it into your life with respect.Okay,everyone wants a bigger ****,save up and get surgery,then one day you'll wake up with a huge **** and the girls will scream in terror,the more you try to calm them,the more they'll scream,the police arrive and see your monster,they take you away and lock you up,you protest but are given drugs to reduce your you cry yourself to sleep and wish that your insatisfaction hadn't taken<br />
you so far!<br />
<br />
Find a book about women and<br />
their biggest erogenous zone,read it,then<br />
try pushing all the buttons at once!