I Sometimes Fantasize

I sometimes fantasize about sucking a really tiny penis. I'm not even gay, the idea of sucking a regular penis kinda sickens me, but something about imagining a truly micro ****, no more than 2 inches erect, in my hand and mouth.... admitting it sorta freaks me out.
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2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Weetommy- I understand for my genitals are so tiny that my whole package too can be taken easily into a mouth. I feel so vulnerable when that happens.

I really enjoy sucking on a small penis. I can take the whole thing in my mouth with no gagging, and when the guy reaches ****** the ***** spurts onto my tongue rather than down my throat, so I can really taste it and appreciate it.<br />
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Talking of appreciation, small-cocked men also tend to be especially grateful for the attention, since they have often experienced being made fun of or rejected. So getting a ******* from someone who is really into it (i.e. me!) usually makes them very, very happy.<br />
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Try it, you'll like it!