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How To Satisfy A Woman When You Have A Micropenis.

I think that I have a micro penis. When flaccid it's an innie completely hidden inside my body. Erect it's a little over 2 inches in length, 1 & 1/2 inches in girrth, and a small cut glans. Because it is an innie when soft my girl has to stick her finger in the hole where my tiny one hides. She then rubs the head in order to exite me. As I start to become arousd the head pokes himself out of his hiding place. She can then take her thumb and index finger, and began to stroke me until I become fully rect at just over 2 inches. Because of my tiny size intercourse is difficult. When I do enter her vagina, she really can't feel me; plus as we move I tend to come out of her. Over the years I have developed my tongue, mouth, lips, and fingers as my main pleasure giving tools. I extend foreplay  as long as possible by slowly kissing, licking, sucking, and massaging her entire boby. As she grows excited I began to concentrate on her boobs. First I gently kneed them slowly. I then start squeezing them harder and.I run my finges around her nipples without touchig them excpt to occassionally flick them. Keeping my hand at the base of her breast and still kneedig it I begin to lick, suck, and kiss her entire breast minus the nipples. When I feel that she is truly excited (I use body movement and vocalization to tell me) I then sqeeze and pull on her nipples. Then I began to suck, bite ,and lick her nipples. I continue this until her nipples are rock hard. The whole time I'm doing this I'm alternating boobs.When she starts moaning loader and moving her hips; I slowly move my hand down her belly rubbing and tickling as I go. Meanwhile I'm still on her nipples .I have not as yet directly touched her *****; I have only lightly brushed against it while I was working on her inner thighs. When I reach her pubic area I massage and press on her pubic bone. Then I move my hand between her legs and start playing with her outer lips. I'm still sucking on her niplpes. As I feel her getting wetter I push my fingers into her inner lips and began rubbing her ***** from her ******* to the very top. After doing this for a while I stick a finger or two into her *****, and using my thumb I begin to sroke her ****. As her **** grows and gets hard I remove my fingers from her *****, and using my thumb and index finger I stoke and rub her ****. I alternate between this and stroking her entire vagina area. If she wants me to; I will stick my middle finger up her ***' my index finger into her pusssy, and my thumb rubbing her ****. Now I move off her boobs and start kissing, licking, and gently bitting her belly. When I reach her pubic area, I crawl between her legs. Kising, licking, and bitting I finally make it to the promised land, her *****. I lick and suck her entire ***** from her ******* to the top of her *****. I stick my tongur up her ***** as far as it will go and flick it inside her. After doing this for a while I stick one finger into her ***** and one up her ***, and I begin to concentrate on her ****. I alternately go between iicking, bitting, and sucking her ****. Soetimes I reach up with both hands and play with her ****. I like to do this until she has climaxed so many times that she asks me to stop.I then move up beside her to hug and kiss her. Then I just hold her as she comes down. After resting for a while and if she is still in the mmod we will repeat the scenario. At some point in this whole scenario she has brought me to my climax.
MicroCock47 MicroCock47 66-70, M 36 Responses Jan 7, 2011

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Are you single? ;)

Yes, I've been divorced since 1983. do have a tiny ****....can't imagine , 2inches when hard ? Sounds like you are making the best of it though...good for you !

Thanks for the positive compliment; it was greatly appreciated. Take care.
Peace, MicroCock47

I use the same game plan.I can't do regular fall out alot which causes the moment to fade she can't really feel me anyway so foreplay is the big part.

I actually enjoy foreplay much more than regular sex. Pleasing the woman I'm with gives me great satisfaction.


Is that a good damn or bad damn?

it's a GREAT damn! ;)

Reading that made me so damn Hot! You've got "mad skills."

Thanks, I appreciate the compliment! Peace

refreshing, a man who likes to please a woman! using his hands

It gives me great pleasure to please my lady in anyway I can. Peace

Something along these lines is usually the best way to satisfy a woman no matter how big your penis is.

thanks. But has it a cure?

I am also small and like you it has made me a better lover. It is communication, not size that creates intimacy.

Well put feveredtime; I couldn't agree with more.

You are really good with your tongue, your secret weapon. It is how you arouse your wife and let her enjoy your tongue.

yes it was, but unfortunately we are now divorced. I still use it as a way to satisfy a woman! Peace, MC47

great story and great sex life

I've enjoyed my sex life, and my ex-wife was actually a contributor to my story. Peace, MC47

mmm Thank you that is such a sexy scenario. I wish someone would make love to me like that....

Man the thought of your girl sticking her finger inside you to run your innie is wild! Really sexy! I'd love to see that!!!

Cool! So has she ever grinded on ur tiny ****? Sex can be frustrating for us too. Sometimes she will just get on top and grind on my hard ****. It's not intercourse but it feels great to the both of us.

Micro your story is just like mine was born with a micro penis and small testicles.With my 1st wife and being young was a failure.Then married and used the same system you do being 4in was bad.My wife told me the other men she had been with [never] put in the time on her that I did So you can have a good sex life when being shortchanged on the penis side.

Mmmmm that sounds so good .

This is a wonderfully written story!! The desc<x>ription is excellent and very satisfying. I have done much the same thing, but I personally am never satisfied, she is - but I am not. It is almost like an erotic exercise class to me. I come out of it mentally empty and unsatisfied where it counts. I am too short to penetrate her in any position what so ever. It seems futile to me. I would like to become a female ************ boy - and just be paid to 'get women off with my tongue and fingers"!<br />
To hell with the whole satisfaction thing for the both of us !

Sounds good. Did you ever use that penis to rub around on her **** until you both ***?

hania, yes I would do that with her. Then I would clean her with my tongue. Peace

Yes, I have :)

Very enlightening post.<br />
I have a small one too as you can see in my profile photos and although it is small my wife loves it she also likes to be filled now and again. I do this in two ways. 1 i let her have sex with others which i enjoy as her pleasure is a turn on for me, but another tip is to get a ***** which has a suction cup on the bottom and take the suction cup out, they are usually just like a plug stuck in the main shaft. This leaves a small opening for my small **** and i keep it in place by putting a panty girdle on with a hole in the front to poke the ***** through. this allows full penetrative sex and is very satisfactory for both of us. PS Cyber skin ones are the best but harder to find. xx

Hey wendyatbirth,
Thanks for the feedback and ideas

We need a lot more men like you who are willing to be honest about their penis. If we could get good statistics about penis length and girth, I believe we would learn that there are many more men with a penis like your. So many of those with smaller penises are so busy hiding them and making up stories about how big they are not really, that most guys feel they are so unlikable they hid their facts and then everyone else feels they are all along with their smaller penises.You have done us all a great service just by being honest about yourself and presenting such a positive outlook for anyone to emulate. Thanks!

jgood4u, Thank you for your positive comments. I don't want to sound pompous, but that is the reason I write my stories. I want share with my fellow little guys what it is like to be a small male both positive and negative. Besides if I didn't tell the truth both my parents would come back from the dead and take care of business! Peace, MicroCock47 "A lie cannot live!" - Martin Luther King Jr


You are great and not selfish. To satisfy a woman, it is not the size of the penis that matters the most. What is so great of having a 10" penis but cannot get the woman satisfaction. A former friend of mine had a 10" when erect. His wife complained that he is a typical male. When he needed sex, he will kiss his wife for a short while, undress and shoot. The whole motion took less than 10 mins. Each time when she wanted more, he would have shot his load into her, leaving her high and dry. She felt frustrated each time they had sex. Bravo for you that you care so much of your wife's sexual needs. Man you are great

Thank you for sending me such a positive message. It is very important to me to satisfy the woman I'm with! I don't believe that I'm trying to compensate for my size; although it may have a little to do with it.

If your wife can bend her knees and lift her legs that is no small ****.

YOU DON'T AVE A SMALL **** ....<br />
...... ENJOY AND KEEP ******* !!!!!

Waskjw, Thank you! I truly appreciate your kind words. Peace

There's a LOT more to making love and getting a woman off than penis size. We all have to live with what we got - wishin' and hopin' won't change anything. I have a lot more size than you, but still small compared to the stories I see on here, and I have had MANY women tell me I'm the best lover they ever had. There's also the notion on here that small ***** make a man a cuck - but size has nothing to do with that - all that stuff is mental and your attitude alone determines whether you're a cuck or a bull, sub or dom etc.

I am very proud of my ****!

Your a very good lover. My hat is off to you!

Hey joe833a, I really appreciate the very kind words! Peace

Hello brother, pleasure and satisfaction of your woman partner is in sex performance not penis size. For as long as the penis touches the clitoris, sexual satisfaction can be achieved. I can see that you have perfected other pleasure tools. You're doing a good job brother. We have lots of "micropenises" here as Filipinos. Hope you can visit our country

Thank you for the positive feedback. And yes, I do receive great joy, satisfaction, pleasure from knowing that I have pleased and satisfied my lady! For me there is no greater feeling.

why don't you use "toys"? eg. ******,vibraters, I to am a tiny **** and toys can really prep her & once she is wet, my size no longer matters as it has become easier to take her to completion

Hi beerhall,
I have never really utilized toys except for a **** vibrator, but I do intend to give them a try in my next relationship. Thanks for the appreciated advice.

I think size does not matter for most women - certainly not me. You seem to be a great lover. We women need a lot of stimulation and I love it when my partners goes oral and tactile.

Hi slds197,
I truly apologize for this late reply to your message; any reason I give would just be an excuse. But I did appreciate receiving such positive response from a female! Thank you.

i admire you. I am blessed with modest length and above average girth and a wife who is obsessed with my penis but always wondered what it must be like to have a micropenis (I knew they exist, I've seen them at saunas etc!)<br />
<br />
Your story should be inspiration to others. All the best

Yes, it's true that micro-penises do exist in the real world, and my diagnoses of mine doesn't only come from me; I have had 3 Doctors confirm it - my Primary Care Physician, my Urologist, and my Endocrinologist. I used to obsess with my size, but over the years and with the help of several female lovers, including my first ex-wife who told me about three years ago that I was the best lover she has ever had, I've come to terms and totally accept my little guy. To quote Janis Joplin "Don't compromise yourself you are all you've got!"

I`m impressed by your skill, I know that women appreciate that. I know that I have been told by some women that once inside of them, they can`t tell the difference with any accuracy. One woman (who I ****** in the darkness) did`nt see my **** at all until afterwards; she said she imagined it was much bigger than it was because she had enjoyed it so much. Like you, I pay a lot of attention to arousal; I know some guys with really big ***** who think all they have to do is show it to a woman and stuff it into her and she will be consumed with *******; I also know that one of their partners totally disagrees!

Hey oddjoboo7, Thanks! We need to get this type of info out to our tiny brothers. 99% of the material out there about small ***** is negative It took me quite a while to realize that I'm no less of a man than any male who has an average or large ****! Power to the TINY ****! Peace.