Documentary Filmmaker Looking For Men With Micropenises


I am a LA based filmmaker filming a documentary about the importance of penis size on the male and femals psyche, and what methods men arte willing to try to enlrage their penises. 

I am very intersted in speaking to a man who has a micropenis for this film

please contact me if interested and serious:

310 806 2744 Greg 
biglikeme biglikeme
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i am interested in this project.

Hi, Greg. I'd like to see your documentary. Has it been released yet?

tampa fl

That works out very well. I am planning to be in South Florida in a month or so...will you be around? would u like to speak on the phone? my film is almost made, but we are lacking this one very important element of speaking to someone with a micropenis. We think it is critical to the film's mission of creating awareness and sensitivity. We'd be truly grateful

We'd definitely shoot up from Miami to Tampa to see you.

The interview would obviously be in person, not on the phone. Just to be clear. However, if you wanted to remain anonymous we could blur out your face and distort your voice as well. Why don't we text or talk or communicate another way than this...i am greg at 310 806 2744. My email is

Did you want to be interviewed for my film? We will come to see you in florida.

I would love to interview you if still interested

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let me know as i was born with a mirco penis and no testes

thanks for responding. Yes, I'd love to speak with you. Where are you located?

this sounds interesting when will this film be made/release

being shot right now, will be released in 2012.

When will your film be made??