It Was Always The Same For Me

Females liked me and were attracted to me. They enjoyed the love making and foreplay and were very comfortable. And then it was the same with each in regard to the "act". I would enter and they would have a perplexed look on their face. I was asked "are you in"? Once it was said " I am ready for you to enter" when I was completely in. Afterwards I would notice that they would look try to stare at my phallus trying to figure out what happened. They would try to look at me and not make it obvious that they were studying my phallus to understand how it could be that I was not felt at all. One told me afterwards that "it was a feeling of nothingness and once was enough". Another once said "what just happened? It is amazing that you are not felt at all and I did not think such would be possible". Due to my micro size and my shape I am not felt. Women that thought size did not make a difference realized it did so with micro like me. None had experienced my size before. Each realized that there would not be a connection with me upon the "act" like that they had experienced before with another. I was told no matter what I did or how I moved nothing made a difference. Eventually I stopped doing the act when a platonic female friend told me that it would only be selfish of me to do because of my size. Another in the medical community told me similair. She had experienced a micro male once in her life and explained to me how it is better to do other things and to forget about the "act". So I stopped. I have accepted this and have a wonderful sex life now with my wife without the "act". I have learned that not penetrating is appreciated rather than trying to do what just cannot happen and cannot bring about a "connection".
I am not embarrassed about it and it is very okay. It used to be so frustrating trying to evoke feelings and reaction for another that was impossible for me to do. It is okay to be "micro" and I have found the "act" to be overrated and that love making without it can be much better and much closer without it.
jpadvanceee jpadvanceee
51-55, M
Jan 6, 2013