The Reality Of My Penis Is This:

The reality of my penis is this:

It functions and is healthy and I count my blessings for that
As for sexuality with the "act" it is bad with no connection with a female
I am too short, too thin,and too tapered to stay in
The head is so tiny like a childs and I am not felt at all
I can only move but an inch and if more more I slip out. It is very difficult for it to stay in
There is space around me,with  little feeling for me and less for a woman. It is not good for either of us
I have severe premature *********** too lasting less than 1 minute in duration
Overall it is worthless for doing the "act" and penetrating. and I am totally inadequate for that
No female has been able to react nor enjoy the act with me at all and has only brought frustration, disappointment, frustration, anxiety and sadness
I am a man overall but not below the belt and my genitals are more like a 11 year old in size
What is good is that I have come to accept it and realize that lovemaking is far more than intercourse (the act) Though I am inadequate I have a wonderful marriage and sex life where we are on the same page in terms of my inadequacy and love each other despite what we cannot share physically. We make up for it in other ways that I do believe we have something more special than others that have a fit and take it for granted. We are blessed in another way and give thanks to God for it.
jpadvanceee jpadvanceee
51-55, M
Jan 7, 2013