It's Actually A Blessing For Me

I'm a transsexual with a micropenis (by the medical definition, not the group's definition, since I'm 4 inches erect). A tiny penis is actually pretty much perfect for me! Easier to tuck, less of a problem with most guys (it's been called "cute" quite a bit, so I guess it's less challenging to their sexuality), fits pretty easy into a thong. There is one pretty big downside, if I ever decide to get "the big surgery." I've been told that I might not have enough down there to turn into a vagina, and I'd probably need a skin graft as a result. Fortunately there are enough other issues with that surgery that I'm not looking at it right now.

Back when I was unsure of who I really was on the inside, I know my micropenis caused me feelings of inadequacy, so I do wish all of you the best and hope you find your own reasons to love what you have. It's probably not going to be the same as me since my circumstance is obviously special, but I'm still sure there's something you can find to be happy about it for if you look.
ShaunaDoll ShaunaDoll
18-21, T
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

how do you tuck in a thong my penis always slips out of it im 3 soft and 5 hard how do u do it?